Monday, November 19, 2012

GorJess & LoveLee Celebration Nails!

So these pretty cool girls I work for own a boutique in my town called GorJess & LoveLee; it's an affordable women's clothing boutique with styles reminiscent of those featured in Forever 21, HM, Charlotte Russe, and Rue 21. Best part - they're only in their 20's! These ladies were successful enough in just their first year to open a second location near us, and to commend and celebrate their awesome achievement, I took on my biggest challenge yet: to take designs inspired by their boutique and translate them to a nail design. The boutique is a charming yellow one with white and black accents featuring, damask, a crystal black chandelier in the middle of the store, and our store mascot, Pretty the Bird.  The new store will also be featuring stripes and chevron, integrating some new designs yet keeping with the same color scheme. I am so proud of what these girl's have done in such a short time and I couldn't think of a better tribute to them!

Black & White Stripes (2nd Location Curtains)

Pretty the Bird - SH206

Damask-inspired design (First location curtains) -BM312

Black chandelier using BM08

Black & White Chevron (New location upholstery) using BM201

Really happy with how this turned out. Please visit GorJess & LoveLee's Website and be sure to like their Facebook page to keep up with their newest arrivals!

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