Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up

As I said, I've been busy keeping this fingers fancy for the past few months! I wanted to kind of give an overview of what I've done so far.  Maybe it'll give someone an idea and get them started on this crazy nail addiction. Maybe it'll show my improvement and where I still have room to grow. Maybe it'll give me some new ideas for my next manicure. Whatever it does, I hope it ends up serving some positive purpose. Here we go!

My first attempt at water marble. Not bad for a first try!

Leopard print nails using the Shany-25 plate

Taupe with polka dots

Peacock Ombre using Bundle Monster-212

UGH Sloppy! But Breast Cancer Awareness Month Nails using pink & gold striper polishes, & BM-311, 321, & 324

Gray with blue & gold chevron accent nail using BM-201

Maroon nails using gold striping tape with a houndstooth accent nail using BM-322

Blue with gold & teal glitter accent nail using BM-212

Halloween nails with spider accent nail using SH-25 

Purple & gold paisley nails with gold glitter accent nail using BM-315

Wine colors nails with gold thumb & ring finger accents using BM-312 & -323

Beginning of tribal print nails using BM-315

Tribal print nails after using nail stripers

Emerald nails with mint lace accent nail & lace thumb using BM-323

Blue & gray marble nails using saran wrap dabbing method

Feeling too lazy to go back and list all the polishes I used, but if anyone asks I'd be happy to tell you!

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