Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ravens Nails!

In the spirit of the Superbowl this weekend, I wanted to do some nails inspired by my prediction for winning team: the Ravens! I used Kleancolors Black, Kleancolors Love Affair, China Glaze Passion, Julep Morgan, and Julep Vivien. I used Julep's Oxygen basecoat, and Julep's Polymer topcoat. Both are lovely!


  1. Pretty! I'm probably going to be rooting for the Ravens too, I should probably decide on which purple to use before the party on Sunday.

    Did you enter Julep's Superbowl mani art contest? And what do you think about Oxygen and the new topcoat? My box is still in transit!

  2. I did enter, but those entries are all so beautiful - I don't stand a chance! I really like the Oxygen basecoat - I wore it all day and it really leaves your nails feeling hard and strong, and it's SO shiny. The topcoat is really nice as well. It has like a rubbery, give to it like gel nails do, but it dries without the light and SUPER fast. They're both awesome products; I can't get over the fact that they were part of my little $20 maven box!


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