Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bicycles and Flowers!

I was recently able to pick up Essie Come Here for a total steal, so I wanted to use it right away. I'll start with this: it's by far one of the most gorgeous, indescribable colors I've ever used.  That being said, it's the most difficult color I've ever tried to photograph; it's so hard to capture! This creamy red borders on a peachy orange, but hints at being bright enough to be considered neon- almost. I went with some yellow roses on the pinky, chevron on the ring finger, bicycles off the Cheeky European Romance Plate for my middle finger, polka dots on my index finger, and a subtle gradient on my thumb. I apologize for my CLEAR inability to capture this fabulous color, and for my horrendous, wishy-washy description of it. I'm just not worthy!

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