Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shimmer Polish Swatches

I've got some more Shimmer Polish swatches for you today! [Warning: this is a PIC HEAVY post!] I was literally drooling at these while swatching. They're all just stunning. I swatched all of these over colors that matched their glitter to really showcase how beautiful they are - the base makes the glitter pop! Below is a little preview; check them all out individually after the jump!

First up is Jasmine, a light blue, aquamarine, and green glitter polish.

Next is Jennifer, a soft blue, periwinkle glitter polish. Seriously? Love.

Next is Karen, a lavender, plummy glitter polish. Another gem here!

Next is Leslie, a lavende and periwinkle glitter polish. 

My personal favorite, Lorene, is a breath-taking raspberry, melange glitter polish.

Next is another beauty, Marilyn, a vampy burgundy with with fine microglitter.

Up next is Mary, a red base with black and silver glitter. I put it over gold and loved it!

Next I swatch Nichole, which I know I'll want to come back to soon for Memorial day! This is a red, silver, and blue Melange polish!

Another surprise favorite, since blues and greens don't always agree with my skintone, I swatched Sarah. This is a tropical green-blue glitter. Somehow I forgot to snap a picture of just my hand (sobbing.) Whoops!

Finally I have Wendy, a purple, copper Melange glitter polish. Love this one!

I really recommend Shimmer Polish to everyone, even those who avoid glitter at all costs because of how much it stinks to get them off! These came off fairly easily, and even if they hadn't they're so pretty to look at that it makes up for it! Pay a visit to Shimmer Polish on Etsy; she's got more choices than I can handle!

**These polishes were sent to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.**
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