Friday, June 7, 2013

Glitter & Studs - KKCenterHK Review

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Warning: This post is SUPER pic heavy! I've got all kinds of nail art looks for you today featuring studs and matte circular glitters from KKCenterHK!

First up are 2mm circular gold studs. Super easy to use and really cute!

feat. Priti NYC City Rose Girl

Next I have a look featuring some 3mm circular silver studs and 2.5mm matte white circular glitters!

feat. Priti NYC Hedgehog Rose

Up next are some sleek 2.5mm satin gray glitters!

feat. Fresh Paint Alex's Lemonade

Next are some adorable pastel pink glitters with a gradient accent nail!

feat. Zoya Wednesday and Essie Tart Deco

My next look features light green circular glitters!

feat. Priti NYC Baby Blue Eyes

Last but not least, I've got a bright neon look featuring purple circular glitters!

feat. Jior Couture Amarillo Brillo

To pick up your own nail art tools, implements, and more, visit KKCenterHK online!

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  1. why are the polish names and brands not listed?

  2. I had wanted the focus of the post to be the glitters and studs but I could go back and add them in!

    1. Ohhh :) well the nail art is fabulous but I'm a nailpolish whore so I was like butbutbut no names? :(

    2. Sorry about that! I went back and added them in the captions! :)


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