Thursday, July 25, 2013

Comet Vomit Swatches

Press Sample
Comet Vomit is a 3-free, hand mixed, Indie polish brand that can be found exclusively on Etsy, and I'll be featuring 3 polishes and a special surprise treat I got! First is Hubble Bubble, a shimmery, pale pink with silver holo glitters.

 Next is I'm A Doctor Not A Cosmetologist! This blue, gel polish is packed with silver holo glitter, and it is inspired by Bones on Star Trek!

The final polish of the trio is my very favorite, Nebula? I Just Met Ya! This gorgeous purple jelly is packed with a rainbow of glitters, inspired by the swirling nebulae of the universe!

Finally, I got a special treat, Big Balm Theory, a nourishing lip balm made with organic bee's wax and organic cocoa butter with a sweet peppermint and rosemary flavor. The packaging is adorable; it features images from the Hubble Deep Field photos! I'm a sucker for lip balm, and I can't put this stuff down!

To snag a few of your own minis, full sizes, or lip balms, please visit Comet Vomit on Etsy!

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