Monday, July 1, 2013

The Polished Mafia Swatches

Press Sample

I have a gorgeous swatch for you all today! Samantha of The Polished Mafia has kindly provided The Grass is Always Greener for me to swatch and review, and let me tell you how quickly I fell in love! I usually don't warm up to green tones with my skin, but this shimmery pale green holo was just beautiful! After one coat it was surprisingly opaque, and after two coats it was completely opaque.  Unfortunately the weather near me has been rainy and storming for over a week now, so I wasn't able to snap a few pictures in natural sunlight; this polish has a beautiful holo effect, and these pictures just don't do that aspect justice! You can see hints of it in the bottle in the photos below, but like I said, that doesn't even cut it!

If you're interested in some polishes of your own, visit The Polished Mafia on Storenvy! The shop is packed with awesome cremes, shimmers, glitters, and holos, all hand poured and 3-free! For all of my non-US readers, she ships internationally!

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