Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tillie Polish Swatches

I've got some gorgeous swatches of Tillie Polishes today! I work for a small boutique owned and run by two sisters, so the makers of Tillie Polish, sisters Andrea, Amber, and Alexa earned a special place in my heart! These girls have a passion for making beautiful, long-lasting 4-free polish in beautiful colors. I picked a few up, and even grabbed one for one of my bosses, Leah! (She picked Pool Boy and is in love!) The first one I picked is Show Me Some Skin from the Summer 2013 collection; this is an opaque, peach-toned nude creme.

The other two I chose are from the Spring 2013 line. First is Beach Babe, a beautiful, bright coral creme!

Finally, I picked up the adorable Bows and Bandeaus, a girly, light pink creme.

To purchase Tillie Polish, please visit, and keep an eye out for the Fall 2013 collection!

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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful swatches! <3 We just love this post so much! Thank you so much for supporting TIllie polish!

  2. These polishes are so soft and pretty! Great swatches! :)


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