Friday, August 9, 2013

Pop Culture Cosmetics Swatches

Press Sample
I seriously might have some of the most exciting swatches I've EVER done today. Not joking! Pop Culture Cosmetics is a 3-free, handmade Indie polish, and the following four are just a small few of the polishes in this shop! I'll save the most thrilling for last though, so wait and see!

First is Apple Cider from the Fall Festival Collection, a beautiful, shimmery apple cider colored jelly with red and gold glitter. I layered this over Sally Hansen Dune. So perfect for fall, which I'm just aching for!

Next is Foolish Mortals, from the Haunted Manor Collection! This is a red jelly base blended with red color glitters of various shapes. I swatched 3 coats!

Next is Frog's Breath, from the Wickedy Fabulous Halloween Collection! This is a green jelly packed with multi-colored dot glitters. A little fishing goes a LONG way with this one! I layered it over Fresh Paint Dragon Lady.

Finally is the one I was most excited about - Swinging Wake from the Haunted Manor Collection. This polish is a deep gray jelly filled with multi-colored glitters of different shapes and sizes, and it glows in the dark! I layered over Sally Hansen Commander in Chic, and after topcoat, I rested my hand under a light to charge up the glow factor. Call me a five-year-old, but I promise you I ran all over my house and turned off all the lights just to admire this one. Yes, I am a total child, but I loved this!

There are seriously more polishes in this store than I have time to drool over, so please head over to Pop Culture Cosmetics and check them out for yourself! Each one is just gorgeous, and you can tell they're made with love! Also, be sure to like Pop Culture Cosmetics on Facebook!
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