Monday, August 19, 2013

Vivid Lacquer Swatches Part 1!

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I have got a huge, huge treat - a preview of the entire Summer/Fall collection from Vivid Lacquer! The official release date for these is August 21 at 2:00 PST, so this is your exclusive chance to check them out! Below is the first half, and first up is Cotton Candy Overdose, a lilac crelly with hot pink hexes! This applied really smoothly in three thin coats!

Next is Dragon Fetish, a red shimmer with a gold cast to it depending on how the light hits it; this one has a duochrome quality to it! Below are three coats - this one builds up nicely and really easily!

Below is Fairy Wasted, a brownish-mauve crelly with red, purple, and silver hexes! Only two coats needed for opacity, and it was super easy to apply the glitter - no fishing needed!

Next is Make a Spot Check, and multi-colored glitter topper! I used two coats, and only really fished a tiny bit for the large dots; super easy to find them though!

Meet Mega Slut, which you've just seen with Make a Spot Check on top! This is a shimmery, bubblegum pink! Below are three coats, and it applied just beautiful - super smooth and creamy!

Next is the beautiful Perversion of A Butterfly, a lavender crelly with purple, silver, and gold glitters, including butterflies. Another dream to apply - three coats for opacity, glitters apply with easy, and I didn't even need to search for those butterflies!

Finally is Royally Screwed, a teal, purple, and holo glitter topper! Below are two coats, and application was fantastic. Keep your eyes peeled for a look at this one with three coats!!

Keep yours eyes peeled for the second half of the swatches for this collection tomorrow, and meanwhile check out Vivid Lacquer on Etsy and Facebook!
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Here is Royally Screwed with three coats!! Though it's similar, it really does add this effect of the glitter being between layers of glass! Love this!


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  2. My favorite is definitely Royally Screwed... but i think it looks PERFECT this way!! Don't add another coat to it!! :( I think the amount of glitter is just perfect here! I don't like when glitter overpowers the base color. This swatch of it is simply PERFECTION!!!

  3. I definitely like it better with two coats. I feel like 3 makes the micro glitters overpowering. But still looks good!


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