Wednesday, September 11, 2013

KKCenterHK Nail Foils & Stamping

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Today marks a first for me: using nail foils! I'll admit it took me a while to finally get them to transfer and cooperate with me, but once I got going they were so easy! I used pink foils with a double accent nail look using red foils.  For whatever reason, the pink gave me more trouble than the red, but eventually I got it!

I also received a beautiful stamping plate to review, and figured "why not stamp over foils?" I tried to keep it all girly, with a full nail lattice on the index finger, a bow and a heart on my middle finger, and Audrey on my ring finger! I used KKCenterHK's scraper and stamper. The stamper was great and transferred the images easily. I wouldn't, however, recommend the scraper. It doesn't clean the plate at all, and I noticed it started to scratch up the plate as I tried to use it! (A credit card is my go-to anyway!)

To see KKCenterHK's entire selection of nail foils and stamping plates, check them out on Facebook and online!!

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