Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back to Basics with Nail Pattern Boldness

As a blogger, it's so important to showcase all the best qualities of a nail polish you're reviewing while still being honest about the product. That being said, I do always try to do whatever I can to make a nail polish look as beautiful as possible. Sometimes, I need some help, and that's where Nail Pattern Boldness comes in! With the help of Glitter-a-Peel and Glitter Food, my job becomes a little easier!

Glitter-a-Peel is a basecoat I sometimes use under glitter polishes so that they're easier to remove. Rather than fighting with acetone or using foils, all I have to do is start with Glitter-a-Peel, and then proceed with my polish. Whenever I'm ready to remove it, I can just gently push back the polish and remove it from my nails. Easiest removal method I've come across yet! A special thank you to Ariel at Lacquer: the Best Medicine for gifting this!

Glitters are sometimes greedy little hungermongers, so Nail Pattern Boldness helps them out in that department, too! Glitter Food is a topcoat I apply directly over my glitter polish. Once it's dry, I apply normal topcoat, and it helps me achieve the smoothest look possible. It's fantastic!

Pre Glitter Food
 And post Glitter Food:

So there you have it! The trickiest products that I think are must-haves when dealing with glitter polish! Do you have any must-have basics in your collection that I should know about? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Awesome! I use white glue from the dollar store and it works the same way :)

    1. I've tried the white glue but I think I'm too impatient - lol I try to polish over wet glue!

  2. The base is in my Etsy cart....I've never tried the glue base yet...wish I had when I tried to remove a holo last night and found it was full of glitter as wonder it was so sparkly and pretty. I'm just impatient with removal, and need to be more generous with the remover I think (and it wasn't straight acetone since I didn't realize about the glitter).

    1. Glitter removal is a pain! And if you don't realize there's glitter in there, forget it!!


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