Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wolfsbane with a Gradient!

Happy Hump Day, lovelies! Ages ago, I found pictures of Femme Fatale Cosmetics Wolfsbane, and I was able to snag this little beauty a while back in a swap; it's been whispering from my polish shelf ever since it found its home there. I finally decided to do something with it, and I wanted to make sure I accented the subtle red glitter in this gorgeous, deep blue jelly.  I used Zoya Toni and Essie Bikini So Teeny to create gradients, and used Wolfsbane for a double accent. Wolfsbane is a hungry glitter polish, so I applied Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Good, and then topped it with HK Girl Topcoat. I also used Enchanted Polish Djinn in a Bottle, a holographic topcoat, over the gradient, and I think I may have inadvertently found a decent dupe for my hugest lemming ever, Enchanted Polish Mr. Burgundy! I'll be testing this for sure, but it's looking like Zoya Toni with Djinn on top does the trick! For those who own Mr. B, can you vouch for this? Let me know in the comments, and PLEASE if any of you have it and feel like swapping or selling, email me!!!

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