Friday, January 10, 2014

A Break & A Guest Post!

Well ladies & germs, inevitably this happens to every blogger, and alas it has happened to me. I'd like to take a moment to honor a fallen tribute - the broken nail on my middle finger, which is now just a nub of the nail it used to be. Meanwhile, I didn't want to leave you guys with nothing to read, so Ariel of Lacquer is the Best Medicine was so kind as to guest post for me today and Monday, and I REALLY can't thank her enough! Enjoy - her nail looks are a real treat! <3

Helloooooo, my little lacquerbeanz! My name is Ariel and you can usually find me over at my own blog, Lacquer: The Best Medicine! I am so happy to be filling in for Heather today while she tends to her poor poor nail break. =(

Lucky for you, I have a cute little mani to show you!

I am really into double accent manis lately! I love the way it looks; if one is pretty, then DOUBLE it and it's FABULOUS! The hot pink is Sally Hansen Tickle Me Pink from their Complete Salon Manicure line.  But the real stars of today's show are my two accent nails with Lavish Polish Holo-Ha on them. Holo-Ha is an absolutely STUNNING holographic texture polish that looks like SNOW! there are even some larger holographic hexes thrown in there to make it extra beautiful. =)

My photos really do not do Holo-Ha justice...the bottle shot is a more accurate idea of what it looks like on the nail - absolutely gorgeous!

What do you think? I know it's simple, but sometimes simple is just where it's at! =P


  1. Que bonito, el efecto arena de las uñas blancas parece nieve :)

  2. Better than the China Glaze chunky white snow polish...yay for indies!


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