I'm so happy to announce that I am offering advertising on Miss Mani Monster! Building your blog network takes a lot of time and hard work, and I'd like to help you get the word out! With a combined social network of over 5,500 followers and over 100 Google+ circles, your website has the potential to be exposed to a wide group of people and grow quickly. I will also be offering discounts to those who wish to extend their ad spot beyond one month, and upon renewal, you'll hear all about those options. You're welcome to submit a premade banner ad, or I'd be happy to put one together for you. If you have any questions or custom requests, feel free to contact me at

Here are the ad size options:

Mega Monster

This 300 x 200 premium ad spot runs for 30 days on the sidebar under my social networking information.

Packs a Punch

A 200 x 200 banner ad that runs for 30 days. It appears high on my page, just under the Mega Monster.

To order an ad spot, please email me at!
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