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Much of my stash consists of nail stamping plates, and many of the designs you'll see on my blog are achieved by nail stamping. This nail trend started most notably with Konad, but since then many companies have produced comparable nail image plates that are reasonably priced.

  • Any konad plates can be purchased here
  • Bundle Monster has several sets of plates, and they can be purchased at their website. The Create Your Own plate set even includes designs I hand-drew! 
  • Shany cosmetics also has several sets of plates as well as jumbo plates that have over 200 images on them. All of them can be found here
  • Cheeky also makes sets of plates and jumbo plates, which can be found on Amazon.  
  • Red angel has distinct designs and their quality is comparable to the others I've used. They can also be found on Amazon
  • A great quality set is made by Pueen Cosmetics, which can be found on Amazon as well. 
  • Born Pretty is a great site to find nail image plates as well as other nail art tools, implements, and accessories, including glitter, glequins, brush sets, and other nail art supplies. Their website is here, and there is free shipping on every purchase! 
  • Ebay is also a great resource for finding nail art tools, accessories, and nail image plates. The plates have been tremendously helpful to me and literally launched me into this obsession. It's so easy to get into, and for a pretty low cost you can get yourself a bunch of designs! 
  • I highly recommend the original Konad stamper/scraper set, mostly because of the quality of the stamper, which can be found here. The scraper is not as important; a credit card will do the trick! 
  • Lots of dupes for Konad plates can be purchased at Born Pretty Store and KKCenterHK.

Hope this is helpful!

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